Mayweather vs McGregor may be about money, but it’s still worth watching

When the possibility of this fight first became news, I really didn’t think it would happen. If you know about Connor McGregor well enough, then you know about the cockiness. You know about the attitude, and his actions at press conferences. He is a guy that always seems to be feeling himself. It may rub people the wrong way sometimes but it has worked out well for him in his career. His career record as a professional MMA fighter is 22-3. Not bad, right? He is probably the most well-known guy in his sport. Not only because of his success, but his brash behavior also. His opponent in this fight slated for August is none other than Floyd Mayweather Jr. Mayweather Jr is a household name in his own right. They share a similar level of confidence. Mayweather hasn’t acted out outside of the ring like McGregor, but he likes to talk a good game also. With a professional Boxing record of 49-0 with 26 of those wins coming by KO, he has backed it up between the lines.

But wait…Is MMA the same as Boxing? Are they not different? I’m glad you asked, because that is what I was leading up to. This fight between these two heavyweights (only figuratively) is a Boxing match. One of them is one of the best boxers of all time. One has a professional boxing record of 0-0. So why are they fighting? Well, let me go back to the beginning of this and put part of it on the arrogance of the first guy I mentioned. It has to be arrogance, or craziness, for McGregor to want to step into the boxing ring with a guy in Mayweather who is undefeated lifetime against real boxers and is considered pound for pound the greatest. It’s one thing to take on an amateur boxer, even though that person would have spent years working on their craft and training as a boxer most days in their short career. MMA has some boxing in it, because you can use your hands, but not enough to help McGregor.

It’s another thing to fight a guy that has won 49 times, never lost and has won championships. On one had its crazy, but on the other it is a sweet deal. It’s a sweet deal for Mayweather. The money numbers being reported are pretty big. The words “One Hundred Million Dollars” are being put out there. Why would Mayweather pass that up knowing he is going against a guy that has never fought in a pro boxing match? For the guy they call “Money”, among other names, it’s just easy money. He keeps his record intact and makes over 100 Milli. He stated that this fight is the only one that would bring him out of retirement. Why not? Looking at it from McGregor’s end is where I get confused. Why does he want to fight Mayweather so bad? Who knows?

That isn’t even the question that stumps most people. Those people ask “Does he really believe he has a chance against a decorated fighter like Floyd?” I am with those people and what they are asking. I don’t know why he wants to make a name for himself by switching to boxing and taking on an opponent that should beat him down. Maybe it is the pay day. Money can be a motivator. The money he will get from this fight will far eclipse any he has made from a UFC fight. You would have to multiply by double digit numbers to get the exact projected amount of change opposed to what he has made in the past. Would you take on a fight you will probably lose to possibly make close to 100 million dollars? The thing about McGregor is that he seems to really believe he can and will win.

I think this would be like Richard Sherman from the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL thinking he could beat Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers in a game of one on one. How so? Both of these guys are among the best at their respective sports. Kyrie is one of the best point guards and one on one players in the NBA. He has what many people think is the best handle in the game. He is a great shooter and a great finisher around the rim. He kills out there, and he gets buckets. Richard Sherman is considered by many to be one of the best, if not the best, cover corners in the NFL. He has made a career at regularly shutting down top receivers. NFL wide receivers are some of the best athletes in the world. They are fast. They can jump, and they are agile. Sherman goes against these guys on a weekly basis during the NFL season. NBA point guards are some of the best athletes in the world also, but like MMA and boxing, we are talking about 2 different sports. If Sherman were to get on the court and try to guard Kyrie Irving, even with him being a great pro athlete himself, he would get killed.

He would probably end up on his back after a few moves from Kyrie. There wouldn’t be any jamming the guy at the line and using your hands. No back pedaling. That’s a quick way to end up on a mixtape in basketball. He would have to get down in a defensive stance and slide to try to keep him in front. Completely different than his day job, which is great at. He wouldn’t stand a chance, just like I don’t think McGregor stands a chance against Mayweather. This won’t be a cage fight. There won’t be any grabbing moves or kicks. All hands. Not exactly McGregor’s day job. I’ve seen people say he has a nice left hook. I have seen McGregor fight. I’m not a boxing expert, but call me crazy if you want to for thinking an undefeated boxer has better hands than McGregor.

Maybe he is looking at the age difference, which doesn’t really matter. Yeah, Mayweather is 40 and McGregor is 28, but they aren’t doing backflips or running a foot race. Mayweather isn’t a guy that you can stick in a wheel chair yet. He is a great athlete and isn’t finished. The guy has juice left in him. He would be favored even if he were going up against a 28 year old with a record of 22-3 as a professional BOXER. They are two different sports. Two different ways of fighting, so I can’t see a guy thinking he could beat a great boxer after less than a year of trying to go outside of his norm. Has McGregor ever been in a boxing match? I’m not really sure if he has ever fought in an amateur fight. I don’t think it matters. He still wouldn’t be prepared for who he is facing in just a couple of months from now.

Boxing purists like Oscar De La Hoya don’t want to see this fight. He has even asked for people not to purchase it. Maybe he is really just that upset about a fight that he and others have labeled a “joke”. Maybe he wouldn’t be saying that if he stood to profit from it. Millions of dollars have a way of making people shut up I’m sure. He would be all for it for that type of change I would imagine. At the end of the day, it is entertainment and people want to see it because people like being entertained. Most people know what the outcome should be, just like they know Floyd wouldn’t stand a chance if it were the other way around and he had to Fight McGregor in a UFC fight.  The man wants money and he knows he is going to win. McGregor knows he will get paid big even if he really thinks he will win the fight. Two big personalities that will make a ton of money off of a fight that may not be competitive, and even the people who complain will be watching. Why? Because it’s entertainment, and it’s worth it. How long it lasts is yet to be determined.





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