It’s time to move on and let Joe Mixon live his life…and is it ok for women to hit men?

People do bad things. People make mistakes. Some things are worse than others, and some mistakes can be avoided. Depending on the incident, a person can be put behind bars, or disciplined in some sort of fashion. Most things have consequences, and in this land of second chances (or at least that is what it is called sometimes) some things are not forgotten. One thing we all have in common is that as free members of this society (all of us that are free) we have a right to make a living. It is more of a duty than a right. You need to be doing some kind of work if you want to pay the rent or mortgage, feed your kids, buy clothes and save or the future. Even people that make mistakes and do bad things have that right, and that duty. This includes Joe Mixon. For the people that don’t know, Joe Mixon was just drafted to play in the NFL for the Cincinnati Bengals. In 2014, Mixon punched a woman in the face in a bar and was charged with misdemeanor assault.

He was 18 years old. It was a less than smart thing to do. What is always overlooked is the fact that the woman he hit pushed him and hit him first. Let me say this: I DO NOT condone men hitting women at all. I think as a man you should walk away (if you can) because in those situations there is no other way you can win, even if a woman is hitting you repeatedly. Fair or unfair, it’s just the way it is. Why is it ok for the woman to have hit him? I’m not sure.  Maybe it is because she is a woman and if a woman is not trying to kill a man then charges are most likely not going to get filed in those situations. Maybe the fact that she did hit him went out the window because of the fact that he is not only a man, but a D-1 football player that is bigger and stronger and knocked her to the floor and broke bones in her face. He shouldn’t have done that, but she also could’ve kept her hands to herself, in my opinion. It’s not ok to punch a woman, no matter how mad you get, unless you are defending your own life of course.

If she has a gun and is about to use it and all you have are haymakers, you better use them if you can’t get out of the room. I’m not defending Mixon for hitting this lady, not at all, I’m defending him against the people that didn’t think he should’ve gotten drafted. My question is: why not? Does he not deserve to make a living also? The consensus was that he was a top 10 talent that would’ve been a first round pick if this never happened, but a lot of people (mainly media types) felt that he shouldn’t have been drafted or that he shouldn’t have been drafted in the first round, even though he would’ve ended up being picked up as an undrafted free agent by a team and ended up doing what he will be doing as a second round pick anyway. He was always going to be playing football anyway, because he is too talented to not be picked up by someone, and someone that needed help in their running game was going to get him.

Most of the people in the media that I saw say he shouldn’t get drafted or drafted high acknowledged that fact. He was suspended for an entire season by Oklahoma head Coach Bob Stoops, so how much more punishment is really needed? The guy had to sit out an entire season. This was an incident that happened about 3 years ago. This was a college incident, and he served his suspension. I don’t think him getting punished as a professional helps anyone. It seems like the only people that don’t seem to want to drop this situation are people that work for the media. When he got picked, all Trey Wingo talked about was the incident and they showed the video. I’m thinking to myself at the time “For goodness sake, let it go”. Is ESPN going to bring that up every single time this guy’s name comes up? The woman that was hit isn’t saying anything. There was not an outcry from Cincy fans. The only people that seem to have a problem are people who work for media outlets. They are the ones that won’t stop bringing it up.

LET IT GO!! Let the man move on with his life. When he begins interviews as a Bengal, stupid media reporters will ask him questions about the incident that he has answered a thousand times already. It would be nice for people to ask Marvin Lewis how he plans to use Mixon’s talent, because the fact being talented is the only reason anyone knows him and it should be about football now. He isn’t the first man to hit a lady, and unfortunately he won’t be the last. It was nice for me to see on internet message boards that women were replying to articles concerning him and saying that they wished him luck. Just like any other civilian, the man has to work and has a right to do so. Bringing up his past every single time his name is brought up won’t help anything. I wonder if the victim herself is even tired of the situation being brought up or not. I would like to see someone write an article condemning her for her part in the incident. That brings up the question, is it ok for women to hit men? It is a legitimate question. I don’t think it is, but a man hitting a woman is considered more serious because men are generally stronger and it is considered “weak” to hit a woman.

I can get agree with that. Men should never hit women. Women shouldn’t hit men either though, because right or wrong, if you hit the wrong guy you may get what this lady got. It’s almost like men who like to sleep around with multiple women being considered players or almost looked up to by their friends, but those same friends of his would call a woman that chooses to sleep around with multiple men a whore, even though it is the same thing. Guys can be looked up to for having multiple partners, but women get a bad reputation and get called names. May seem unfair, but like men getting prosecuted for a hitting a woman that was hitting them first, it is what it is I guess. It was reported that Mixon settled with the lady for an undisclosed amount. End of situation, right? Well, it should be. If only the media could process that. Good luck to the lady, and Good luck to Joe Mixon.

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