It’s ok to feel sorry for Aaron Hernandez’s Daughter

We all know about Aaron Hernandez and how his life came to an end just days ago. Depending on who you ask, it would be labeled as tragic, or you would get an “I don’t care”. I’ve seen someone call him a scumbag on Facebook. I’ve seen someone say “He murdered a guy anyway”. These things were said after his death. I can’t speak for everyone else, but as for me personally I won’t say anything disrespectful about a dead man or call him names, no matter how he died. Yes, he was convicted of murder so he wasn’t exactly a role model. Yes, he took his own life by hanging himself in his cell while being imprisoned for life for murdering an innocent man, who happened to be his girlfriend’s sister’s boyfriend, so it’s hard to feel sorry for him, but seemingly lost in the whole situation is the fact that he left behind a daughter.

I can only imagine how things have been for her and her mother.  I would imagine it has been hard to explain why daddy can’t come home. I don’t know how visitation works where he was, but she wasn’t getting to see her father every day, so answering the “Why can’t I see daddy?” question must have been just as difficult. She is too young to know the definition of Murder. You can’t tell a four year old child that their father killed someone. In her mind maybe “Daddy did something bad”. That is what is heartbreaking in all of this. She is as innocent as innocent can be. In the wake of his death, more disturbing information has come out about his death and why he may have committed the murder. True or not, Imagine if she were older and couldn’t be shielded from the news. At her age, she isn’t checking the news on T.V. every day or logging in to check the headlines.

I get notifications on my cell phone all the time from bleacher report and CBS sports, so when I received the breaking news about Hernandez on my way to work, I was shocked. I immediately logged on to ESPN as if I needed more validation. It was showing his suicide as Breaking News. My first thought was about his daughter. Afterward I thought back to when I first heard about the whole situation with the murder. I really didn’t know which was more shocking to me, but I began to think about how difficult it must have been for him to go from living the life of a millionaire to being locked down in prison. Famous football player….young baby…great relationship…Big house…Millions with more to come. Imagine having to give that up for a prison suit, an inmate number and a small cell. From New England Patriots Tight End, to property of the State of Massachusetts. I would imagine that the change was difficult, even though he was convicted of murder and brought it on himself.

Imagine though, being stuck in there and not being able to see your baby girl grow up. Imagine thinking about when she is old enough to know that you are behind bars for killing someone. I don’t know exactly what was going through his head, and I can’t tell anyone how to feel about him, but think about his daughter at least. She never did anything wrong. She didn’t hurt anyone. A good thing about her being so young is that her future classmates are the same age, so she won’t be at school being labeled as “Aaron Hernandez’s daughter”. She will be able to live a peaceful life hopefully, and I’m assuming that her mother will take over their estate and his earnings, which would mean she will be taken care of financially. Nobody should underestimate having a parent around though. I wonder how things will be when she is old enough to be in the know about things. Seeing as how Hernandez was from Bristol, Connecticut, she is within close proximity of his family. It will be hard for them not to bring up the fact that they are related to her because of her late father.

It seems like more details are coming out as the days go by. I don’t think it helps that the media puts more details out, but that is what the media does. I can’t speak for the family of Odin Llyod, who was Hernandez’s murder victim. I would think that maybe more details would give them some closure if it helps them learn why their loved one was taken from them. If it were my family, I would want to know. I would hope though, that while people take the time to comment and throw shots at Hernandez, that they not only remember the family and loved ones of Lloyd, but remember the daughter of Hernandez. Think about what she has been through and how this will impact the rest of her life. Hardly anyone is going to feel sorry for Hernandez, but it’s ok to feel sorry for his daughter.


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