Woman claims she was “Too beautiful to be faithful” to her husband. What?

If you haven’t heard about or read this article, then take a look here. I am not making this up. I also am not trying to put this lady on blast. I just couldn’t pass up giving my opinion on how ridiculous I think she sounds. Too beautiful to be faithful? The fact that beautiful women have guys hitting on them all the time isn’t a surprise. It’s going to happen. Attractive ladies probably get hit on more than attractive males, because a lot of males just don’t care what they say when they approach women. Whether it’s whistling, pickup lines, or other types of cat calling, women put up with those things far more than men I would think. Does that mean that an attractive woman that is in a serious relationship or married has a hard time being faithful? No. The thought of that is just stupid to me. It all comes down to remembering your vows, and not using something that ridiculous as a reason to be promiscuous.

This lady actually says in this article that she was “Too pretty for her own good”. I can’t speak on how it feels to be a pretty female (obviously), but I would say she is being a little too delusional for her own good. If you read the article, she says that her husband became jealous and insecure because she blossomed and became so much better looking than him. That could be so. I don’t know. I also must state that she never actually says that she cheated on him. She just sounds like a straight up narcissist. Different people have different experiences and react to things in different ways, but she is not the only lady in the history of mankind to get attention from other men while being married. How does she know that her husband at the time wasn’t getting the same attention from other women?

                A lot of men out there are rude enough to try to get with a married women, but that doesn’t mean they should or have to give them the same attention. The fact that she is saying that she couldn’t help it because it happened a lot is just a stupid reason to say that she wanted to and that she no longer wanted to be married as a result. It’s all about your own heart and mind. That’s why people decide to do things. Seems to me like she liked the attention she started to get and wanted to be single. There really isn’t anything wrong with that. Unfortunately, somewhere around half of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, and it’s better to just say you don’t want to be with someone than to commit adultery, but to suggest that you are too beautiful to be faithful is just laughable. People might respect you more if you just own up and say that you feel you made a mistake getting married.

                I wasn’t around her and her husband, and maybe he became crazy jealous. She doesn’t really suggest that in the article though. They had their little petty arguments according to her, but she seems to put most of their downfall after only 18 months on her beauty. Am I the only person that has ever seen or known a woman with a man that she is a lot more attractive than? The ones I know or knew were/are happy and faithful, because they really love their husbands and want to be faithful. They aren’t saying they can’t be because other men are hitting on them. If you really love someone, then the advances of people other than your spouse won’t sway you and make you want to play the field.

                Paying attention to others that are paying attention to you may eventually sway your heart and when it does then problems begin to happen. It doesn’t happen like that with everybody, but it seems to have happened in her case, and now that she has gotten older and the attention doesn’t come like it did in the past, she seems to regret it. Saying “I was younger and should’ve made better choices” sounds better. Saying “I was too beautiful for my own good” makes people think, “Who do you think you are lady?” Most men will hit on women that really aren’t even attractive, because so many men are driven by sex. I’ve seen and heard of men trying to get with women that were not as attractive as their significant other.

                She let her so called “beauty” go to her head apparently, and she says she was seduced by a guy that left her for another lady that was beautiful. No beautiful lady is the only one. Like I previously stated, you don’t have to be a georgous lady to get sexual advances from men. The more attractive ladies just get more attention. The ones that are smart hold on to a man that loves them, because that can be hard to find these days. I’m not bashing men, because I’m a man myself, but dates happen. Relationships and breakups happen. Love doesn’t happen that often. If that’s what you have always wanted, why would you give up that dream for something so stupid? The story ends happily for this lady, because she ends up meeting and marrying an older guy when she hits her forties. Good for her. The whole “Too pretty for my own good” thing though? I’ll just disagree, and leave it at that.

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