Social Media doesn’t ruin relationships.

Has anyone other than me every heard a person say “Social media ruins relationships” or “Social media ruined my relationship”? If so, did you think of what you heard as being absurd like me? First of all let me say that I am in no way being disrespectful to anyone who has had their relationship or marriage negatively impacted as a result of their significant other meeting someone (or some people) online and doing dirt that way, because it does happen. I’m only saying that the intended purpose of sites like Facebook and Instagram wasn’t for people to do things like that, and cheating or committing adultery is a matter of the heart. Social media just offers another avenue for people who want to do that, unfortunately.

If a person has it in their heart and mind that they want to go there, then it doesn’t take the internet to do so. You could very well meet someone at Wal-mart. You could be pumping gas and the person that pulls up next to you to do the same catches your eye. Or, you could work around multiple people of the opposite sex at your job. I don’t think people started cheating after the internet was invented. I’m pretty sure those types of things were happening long before technology began to connect people who were in different states and countries by simply clicking a mouse. The thing is, the internet offers access to more options fairly easy, and like I just said, offers you easy access to people from just about anywhere. A lady could be living in Tennessee and meet a man from California and tell her husband that she will be out of town on business in California in a few days.

What are the chances she would have met that particular guy by just taking a trip to California without ever seeing him, talking to him or knowing about him at all? It wouldn’t have happened. But, she could use that same excuse, take a trip to California, go out, and meet a man in public while she is there anyway, without ever having used the internet. As crazy as it is, there are sites online that are dedicated to people who want to cheat or hookup. There are also dating sites, and if a person wants to do so, they can lie and say they are single for the sole purpose of playing around on such a site. It starts and ends with a person’s heart. If they want to play the field, they will do so like people did before the world wide web was created. It’s easy to point at a social media site as the blame for a person that has been through such a situation, because society seems to love to point blame at the wrong people or things.

What do I mean by that? People would go on shows like Jerry Springer in the past, and they would try to fight the person that their boyfriend or girlfriend was said to have been cheating with. I don’t know how real all of those situations were, but if they were true, then the side chick (or fellow) would be wrong for knowingly being involved with someone who is supposed to be committed to someone else, but the person who actually cheated sometimes got to stay with that person. They cheated, not the other person (if the other person is actually single). In a lot of those situations, the person stays with the person that cheated on them but goes on hating the person they cheated with. I’ve seen a situation where a friend of mine made her boyfriend delete his Facebook because she found elicit messages in his inbox.

I won’t tell more of her story even though nobody reading this knows her, but that didn’t help. It’s like trying to put up measures of deterrence to stop a thief. If they still want to get whatever it is, they will find another way, choose another brand, or choose a different item if they still want to steal. Matters of the heart are pretty deep, and it takes a person wanting to change to fix something if it is really an issue. You can’t blame it on Social Media. You can’t anything except for the person. At the end of the day, you can’t lock them up in the closet and deny them access to the outside world. They will see other people with or without the internet. It has always been that way.

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