Who I am and why I am here

My name is Jeremiah. I’m just a guy that loves to write. I have always wanted to write a book and start a blog, and I just needed the confidence to just do what I want to do. I grew up in Alabama, but I live in Panama City Beach, Florida. I simply love living close to the beach. I went to college and studied Telecommunications, because I wanted to get into Broadcast News, but after doing an internship at a news station one summer, I began to wonder if that is really what I wanted to do. My first major was Journalism, but I changed it because the starting salaries were not as high, but all along it is what I really wanted to do. I started to focus on the wrong things at one point.

I didn’t finish college, and I put off my writing dreams for a while, but I began writing a book in 2015. I battled procrastination (my worst enemy) but I was able to finish it after almost a year. I named it Changing Faces (https://www.createspace.com/6583196), and it’s a story about a young kid that loses his father and develops a bad attitude. He is able to change and become a different person before he graduates high school. It’s not the best read in the world, but it’s my work and i’m blessed and proud to accomplish finishing a book. I finally got to the point where I felt like I could pursue what I want without having to worry about what people may think, and I was able to get past my own doubts.

I finally came up with an idea for a blog that I knew that I could be dedicated to. I found  Ipage and WordPress for hosting, and I did a little research and found that word press is the best way to go. My blog is named “My2centsnews” because it gives my opinion on different things. Whether it is social issues, sports, politics, movies, etc.; I just like to give opinions on things. I feel it is a niche that is good for me. I am a sports fanatic, and I thought about having my blog be only about Alabama Football, but I feel I can eventually reach more people like this, and I don’t want to be a one trick pony. I like to talk about a lot of things other than sports. My tagline says “Unapologetic but respectful opinions” because we all have one, and I won’t act like I know everything, but i’m not afraid to state how I feel about things.

I also enjoy hearing what other people think, because I love conversation and I try to show people respect. I actually started my blog a little over a month ago, and I have 7 posts, but I discovered the dailypost and I decided to take the blogging fundamentals class even though I have already gotten started. I want to get better and be the best writer and blogger that I can be, and i’m not too proud to get some help to work on getting better at this. It’s like being a point guard in basketball or a quarterback in basketball. They don’t get to a point, even when they make the pros, that they feel like they don’t need to practice or work on their individual game anymore.

I’m excited to be apart of this community of bloggers. I still have work to do on my page, but steps like these will help me get where I want to get, and you have to be a beginner before you can be anything else. I hope to meet new people, and I hope for success, and I wish the same for anyone that reads this. Write on!





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  1. Welcome to blogging here on WordPress ( even though you have already started). I like what you said ” that you to have be a beginner before you can be anything else”, that is so true. Sometimes, I am afraid of that imperfect, mistake-ridden and sometimes humiliting beginning but if I do not start somewhere, then I’ll get nowhere.

    Glad your pursing what is your actual passion and props to you for finishing your book ( my friend likes to write books and it’s NO easy task, surely).

    ~ Bre

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  2. jcw, welcome to our world – the wide, wide world of blogging! How wonderful that your book was finally done and published. Congratulations on your first post. Best wishes with the writing. May all your dreams come true. Smiles xx


  3. All the best with your blog Jeremiah. I have also started my own blog and can understand how much effort goes behind a blog to help it grow. Keep blogging and wish you get new writing inspirations everyday.


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