“I wish they would stop” Vol.1- The Entertainment Industry/Hollywood/Networks/ESPN

This is the first of a series I have come up with called “I wish they would stop” which will give my opinion on things that I personally would like to see end coming from various industries or people. This first one focuses on things seen on television. I wish they would stop….

1.       Making Fast and Furious movies. As much as I am a fan of this series, and I really really am; they are getting pretty tired. How much longer does this need to go on? Also, it doesn’t seem the same without Paul Walker (R.I.P). It gets to where some of the things they do in the cars are pretty cool, but unrealistic. Things have to change, it can’t be the same every movie, I know that, but how much longer can they keep this going and have these characters not getting on with their lives? They have to keep on coming back to do impossible missions for pardons and stopping kingpins and stuff like that. Letty was dead…presumably…but it was discovered that she lost her memory, and there have been multiple movies since, and it goes on and on. If it’s still making money, then how can I hate on that? Also, the cast is absolutely excellent. You see all of these big names on the screen, and it’s cool. But, Fast and Furious, Fast 5, 6, Fast 24 (well, not yet, but maybe). Come on, end this thing, seriously. I like the series, like I said already, but it may be time to park it. I don’t know anything about the last one and if it’s supposed to be the finale. They could say that, and shock the world in a year or two and come out with another one, or wait years and show them as O.G.’s and have their kids peeling off in cars and racing right after they get their drivers licenses. Not so FAST Hollywood, don’t use that idea lol.


2.       Making reality shows…. Do you want to be a reality T.V. star? Well, be a vigilante, or go to prison, be a has-been rapper or singer, or child that doesn’t want to listen to a parent. It seems like anything these days will get you a show. I am not a fan, and have never been a fan of reality shows. If I’m watching something real, it’s a documentary or a game. America loves drama though, and networks know this and feed off of it. Reality T.V. is one of the stains of American Culture in my opinion. Since I am not totally disconnected, I do know about them from commercials and from seeing posts and things of that nature. I just have never understood why people would want to watch something like The Bachelor. I’m not hating on the guy or guys who have played that role, because I’m sure it’s pretty sweet for them with attractive women around wanting to wed or bed them, or both, but why do people care to watch a bunch of chicks on T.V. sharing a man? I don’t know. I don’t even know if those relationships even last, and I would not be surprised if they don’t because it’s not natural. You can’t take entertainment and try to fabricate it and make it love. It reminds me of Flavor of Love from the past, which was a joke. As far as I know, no love ever came from it. Last I heard, the bad little girl from Dr. Phil is getting a reality show. An underage girl that goes on T.V. and calls people hoes needs discipline, not a T.V. show, in my opinion. The fact that people would even watch that shows you the state of this country. If anything she needs to be on beyond scared straight, or someone needs to just whoop her (beeeep) like a grownup should do. I can’t tell anyone how to raise their child, but what type of message does that send to other youth out there? If it’s true that she is getting a show, then it’s basically glorifying her behavior. If it’s not that, it’s real housewives of this place, or side chicks from the east side, or whatever. People fighting over exes and baby daddies, and just acting out for the camera. It’s entertainment though I guess. They need ratings, which shows that people are watching, and in turn will bring advertising revenue so how can I really blame them. You could say, “Well, don’t watch then”, and I’ll say “I don’t, trust me, I just have my opinion.”


3.       This one is for ESPN mainly…stick to SPORTS!, and leave the drama for All My Children and Guiding Light, or even…reality shows! I don’t even know if those aforementioned soaps are still on T.V., I just needed a couple of them to make my point. I’d rather not log in to ESPN.com or look at Sportscenter and see so much drama, or see what Lavar Ball said THIS TIME, or hear about beef between athletes. I wasn’t born yesterday, and I know that sports are just another form or entertainment. I get that. Whatever the sport, it’s just a game.  It’s their job to get people to log in or flip it to their channels, but as for me personally when I tune in for sports I don’t want to see or hear about all of the other crap. Sportscenter has always been the show I watched the most, and it is ESPNs flagship program. I’m a big fan, even though I’m not as much of a fan as I was in the past, because it seems to be transitioning to being the World Wide Leader in Drama. It’s not just ESPN. I’m not picking on them (well, I am), but you can’t see a lot of unnecessary stories on a lot of sports channels, because they have to compete and get the story out if they know someone else is, but why does it seems so much worse for ESPN? Maybe because they are the most watched. Maybe it’s because they will go on and on with something and shove it down their viewers throats with every little update or focus in on every time two guys don’t speak or something related and just as stupid. I don’t know. I had one of my bosses put me on to Bleacher Report last year, and I absolutely love it. He told me he hardly ever peeps ESPN, and I didn’t think that was even possible for me, until I thought about it and noticed that I check bleacher report more than my ESPN app. They seem to be more about sports than drama, and they have cool little short films and things that appeal to me personally. I understand that there are slow sports days, and seasons end and you have to fill an hour or 30 minute long show with stories, but I would rather see scores and highlights, and know about trades. I don’t care what this athlete said about this one on twitter, or care that this one is mad at that one because he was a free agent and left. They take away from games letting stories like that (and with my last statement you probably know what I’m talking about) linger on and on and on and on, instead of just dropping it and letting guys play ball. The media is becoming the ultimate instigators, but if people are watching and commenting, then they will continue to do what they do. I didn’t say anyone else had to have a problem with that; I’m just saying that to me it stinks.


Next up in: I wish they would stop Vol. 2- I actually don’t know what’s next, but that’s another blog for another day, and if you checked out this one I hope you will do the same with Vol.2. Peace out

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