Coming from a non-smoker: Marijuana shouldn’t be illegal


It has many names. That tends to be the case with drugs though. With this particular one, which can be called maryjane, weed, refer, grass, bud, herb, dro, ganja, sticky icky, and many other names, there seems to be a wide variety unlike any other substance. Marijuana, your influence goes far and wide. You touch so many lives, and make profit for so many restaurants when people need something fast after indulging in your sweetness. Unfortunately, most of these people have to do so in secret, because in most places, having you around is against the law. You have been proven to have legitimate medical uses, just like drugs sold in any pharmacy in the country. So why is it that the government has prohibition level stubbornness when it comes to you being used recreationally? I have no idea.


Notice that part of the title of this article says “Coming from a non-smoker”, because that’s what I am. I have never smoked and I have no desire to ever try. I have made that statement before to people and they have sometimes replied by asking “why?” and that is not only annoying, but stupid also. It’s not a requirement in life, that’s why. It’s not like showering or anything. Not showering isn’t an option, unless you want to spend all of your days alone. Smoking is optional. For the people that do it, more power to them. It’s just not something I ever wanted to try. I just don’t understand why smoking cigarettes is legal, and drinking is legal, but smoking marijuana isn’t.


Smoking cigarettes can cause cancer. Even second hand smoke can cause health problems. Alcohol kills more than all of the illegal drugs COMBINED, yet it’s legal to drink. Yes, combined means all together, and 100,000 is a huge number. That’s how many deaths occur every year that are alcohol related. On top of all of that, there are numerous other drunk driving incidents that don’t end in death, and  sexual assaults because of intoxication, and violent acts because some people get too much to drink and just get in fight mode for some reason, and sometimes people get drunk and get annoying and stupid, or they get hospitalized from dehydration. This all occurs from substances that are legal if you are of age.


The war on drugs seems to take attention away from that. Drugs like Heroine, Crack Cocaine, Meth, and numerous other illegal drugs get labels and get so much attention when Alcohol is the main substance causing deaths in this country. This article isn’t supposed to be about alcohol. I’m just using it to help make my point. NO, I’m not pushing for legalization of those Schedule 1 drugs by any means AT ALL. I’m just saying…people don’t overdose on Weed. Unlike Adderall, or Dilaudid, or Oxycodone, or Hydrocodone, to name a few, Marijuana is a plant and isn’t manufactured in a lab or factory. Those schedule 2 drugs just mentioned are dangerous, addictive and often abused and sold on the streets. It is illegal to do so, but even with that, they have medical purposes so they can be prescribed and given to patients ANYWHERE.


Yes, they were originally made to be sold in pharmacies and given to people in hospitals and nursing homes and wherever else drugs can be given, but they have come to be abused on the regular. It is what it is, but why is it that weed is sort of in the middle between Cocaine and Lortab? Yes, it has medical purposes like Lortab, but it is treated like Cocaine by the DEA. That’s just an example, because obviously cocaine has no legit medical use and needs to be illegal, but I don’t get why marijuana is sort of dangling between being ok and not being ok. In some places you can get medical marijuana, and in some places you can’t. In most places it is just illegal, but that is changing. In some states now you can actually have it if you don’t need it for medical reasons, but you can only have a certain amount and you can only have it at home.


 Just make it legal everywhere already!! I know it’s not that easy, but it’s not like legalizing Heroine. People might argue that they don’t want that drug in their neighborhood, but they either have a pill head next door or they are abusing their own pain meds. Why can’t it be legal everywhere and get taxed so Uncle Sam can get his cut? I don’t know. Uncle Sam makes plenty from Alcohol sales, yet people abuse Alcohol every day. Is there any other drug out there with medical use that can be sold and taken recreationally without having addicts walking around and killing people off? I don’t think so, and maybe that’s the problem for the government. Marijuana isn’t like Methamphetamine. You aren’t going to smoke weed and be strung out. If anything you will be diagnosed with severe munchies from what I have seen and heard.  Legal medical marijuana is offered in numerous states and Washington D.C., and in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and D.C. you can puff puff pass legally just because you want to.


In Colorado, there are more weed dispensaries than Starbucks and Mcdonalds locations combined. Even though Marijuana is still illegal under federal law, it is legal to light up in our nations capitol. I find that funny.  It confuses me that Federal Law still recognizes this as a Schedule 1 drug, which would classify it with the drugs with no medical purpose. I understand not wanting distribution to minors, and huge amounts that might bring revenue to cartels, but wouldn’t legalizing it federally make it less valuable to cartels, much like Prohibition ending killed business for rum runners back in the day? Even with it being illegal right now, they are still weighing, bagging and shipping it ANYWAY! They wouldn’t be able to do that as much if people everywhere could go to their local corner store and pick some up, because they wouldn’t need to buy it on the corner, if you know what I mean.


I don’t know if this will ever happen. If it doesn’t, I won’t lose any sleep because I don’t smoke anyway, so I’m not creeping around trying to find bud. Is it addictive? Yeah, I’m sure it is, but so is caffeine for goodness sake. Laws that don’t make a lot of sense, just don’t make a lot of sense. A happier America should be the goal, and an America with weed being legal everywhere would be a happier America. I’m not saying anybody should be able to just ride down the street and smoke out their cars. How about making it to where everybody could only do it inside. That way, if you aren’t a smoker and you don’t want to be around it, you don’t have to be.


No offense to anyone that does it, but there is nothing more nasty to me than people that buy chewing tobacco and walk around with that in their mouths. You can sit out on your porch and have a beer, even though there is no limit to how many you can have and having too many can lead you to stumble in the street and be hit by a car. You can smoke a cigarette all day, even though cigarettes smell like crap, in my opinion. I was only kidding about the happier America thing, but why can’t a person sit outside on their porch and just hit a blunt if they feel like it? I mean really, who are they going to hurt? I’m not a smoker, as has been stated more than once, I just don’t see a legit reason why weed is against federal law. Just my opinion. I’m going to have a Dr. Pepper now….Cheers.


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