Mayweather vs McGregor may be about money, but it’s still worth watching

When the possibility of this fight first became news, I really didn’t think it would happen. If you know about Connor McGregor well enough, then you know about the cockiness. You know about the attitude, and his actions at press conferences. He is a guy that always seems to be feeling himself. It may rub people the wrong way sometimes but it has worked out well for him in his career. His career record as a professional MMA fighter is 22-3. Not bad, right? He is probably the most well-known guy in his sport. Not only because of his success, but his brash behavior also. His opponent in this fight slated for August is none other than Floyd Mayweather Jr. Mayweather Jr is a household name in his own right. They share a similar level of confidence. Mayweather hasn’t acted out outside of the ring like McGregor, but he likes to talk a good game also. With a professional Boxing record of 49-0 with 26 of those wins coming by KO, he has backed it up between the lines.

But wait…Is MMA the same as Boxing? Are they not different? I’m glad you asked, because that is what I was leading up to. This fight between these two heavyweights (only figuratively) is a Boxing match. One of them is one of the best boxers of all time. One has a professional boxing record of 0-0. So why are they fighting? Well, let me go back to the beginning of this and put part of it on the arrogance of the first guy I mentioned. It has to be arrogance, or craziness, for McGregor to want to step into the boxing ring with a guy in Mayweather who is undefeated lifetime against real boxers and is considered pound for pound the greatest. It’s one thing to take on an amateur boxer, even though that person would have spent years working on their craft and training as a boxer most days in their short career. MMA has some boxing in it, because you can use your hands, but not enough to help McGregor.

It’s another thing to fight a guy that has won 49 times, never lost and has won championships. On one had its crazy, but on the other it is a sweet deal. It’s a sweet deal for Mayweather. The money numbers being reported are pretty big. The words “One Hundred Million Dollars” are being put out there. Why would Mayweather pass that up knowing he is going against a guy that has never fought in a pro boxing match? For the guy they call “Money”, among other names, it’s just easy money. He keeps his record intact and makes over 100 Milli. He stated that this fight is the only one that would bring him out of retirement. Why not? Looking at it from McGregor’s end is where I get confused. Why does he want to fight Mayweather so bad? Who knows?

That isn’t even the question that stumps most people. Those people ask “Does he really believe he has a chance against a decorated fighter like Floyd?” I am with those people and what they are asking. I don’t know why he wants to make a name for himself by switching to boxing and taking on an opponent that should beat him down. Maybe it is the pay day. Money can be a motivator. The money he will get from this fight will far eclipse any he has made from a UFC fight. You would have to multiply by double digit numbers to get the exact projected amount of change opposed to what he has made in the past. Would you take on a fight you will probably lose to possibly make close to 100 million dollars? The thing about McGregor is that he seems to really believe he can and will win.

I think this would be like Richard Sherman from the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL thinking he could beat Kyrie Irving of the Cleveland Cavaliers in a game of one on one. How so? Both of these guys are among the best at their respective sports. Kyrie is one of the best point guards and one on one players in the NBA. He has what many people think is the best handle in the game. He is a great shooter and a great finisher around the rim. He kills out there, and he gets buckets. Richard Sherman is considered by many to be one of the best, if not the best, cover corners in the NFL. He has made a career at regularly shutting down top receivers. NFL wide receivers are some of the best athletes in the world. They are fast. They can jump, and they are agile. Sherman goes against these guys on a weekly basis during the NFL season. NBA point guards are some of the best athletes in the world also, but like MMA and boxing, we are talking about 2 different sports. If Sherman were to get on the court and try to guard Kyrie Irving, even with him being a great pro athlete himself, he would get killed.

He would probably end up on his back after a few moves from Kyrie. There wouldn’t be any jamming the guy at the line and using your hands. No back pedaling. That’s a quick way to end up on a mixtape in basketball. He would have to get down in a defensive stance and slide to try to keep him in front. Completely different than his day job, which is great at. He wouldn’t stand a chance, just like I don’t think McGregor stands a chance against Mayweather. This won’t be a cage fight. There won’t be any grabbing moves or kicks. All hands. Not exactly McGregor’s day job. I’ve seen people say he has a nice left hook. I have seen McGregor fight. I’m not a boxing expert, but call me crazy if you want to for thinking an undefeated boxer has better hands than McGregor.

Maybe he is looking at the age difference, which doesn’t really matter. Yeah, Mayweather is 40 and McGregor is 28, but they aren’t doing backflips or running a foot race. Mayweather isn’t a guy that you can stick in a wheel chair yet. He is a great athlete and isn’t finished. The guy has juice left in him. He would be favored even if he were going up against a 28 year old with a record of 22-3 as a professional BOXER. They are two different sports. Two different ways of fighting, so I can’t see a guy thinking he could beat a great boxer after less than a year of trying to go outside of his norm. Has McGregor ever been in a boxing match? I’m not really sure if he has ever fought in an amateur fight. I don’t think it matters. He still wouldn’t be prepared for who he is facing in just a couple of months from now.

Boxing purists like Oscar De La Hoya don’t want to see this fight. He has even asked for people not to purchase it. Maybe he is really just that upset about a fight that he and others have labeled a “joke”. Maybe he wouldn’t be saying that if he stood to profit from it. Millions of dollars have a way of making people shut up I’m sure. He would be all for it for that type of change I would imagine. At the end of the day, it is entertainment and people want to see it because people like being entertained. Most people know what the outcome should be, just like they know Floyd wouldn’t stand a chance if it were the other way around and he had to Fight McGregor in a UFC fight.  The man wants money and he knows he is going to win. McGregor knows he will get paid big even if he really thinks he will win the fight. Two big personalities that will make a ton of money off of a fight that may not be competitive, and even the people who complain will be watching. Why? Because it’s entertainment, and it’s worth it. How long it lasts is yet to be determined.





It’s time to move on and let Joe Mixon live his life…and is it ok for women to hit men?

People do bad things. People make mistakes. Some things are worse than others, and some mistakes can be avoided. Depending on the incident, a person can be put behind bars, or disciplined in some sort of fashion. Most things have consequences, and in this land of second chances (or at least that is what it is called sometimes) some things are not forgotten. One thing we all have in common is that as free members of this society (all of us that are free) we have a right to make a living. It is more of a duty than a right. You need to be doing some kind of work if you want to pay the rent or mortgage, feed your kids, buy clothes and save or the future. Even people that make mistakes and do bad things have that right, and that duty. This includes Joe Mixon. For the people that don’t know, Joe Mixon was just drafted to play in the NFL for the Cincinnati Bengals. In 2014, Mixon punched a woman in the face in a bar and was charged with misdemeanor assault.

He was 18 years old. It was a less than smart thing to do. What is always overlooked is the fact that the woman he hit pushed him and hit him first. Let me say this: I DO NOT condone men hitting women at all. I think as a man you should walk away (if you can) because in those situations there is no other way you can win, even if a woman is hitting you repeatedly. Fair or unfair, it’s just the way it is. Why is it ok for the woman to have hit him? I’m not sure.  Maybe it is because she is a woman and if a woman is not trying to kill a man then charges are most likely not going to get filed in those situations. Maybe the fact that she did hit him went out the window because of the fact that he is not only a man, but a D-1 football player that is bigger and stronger and knocked her to the floor and broke bones in her face. He shouldn’t have done that, but she also could’ve kept her hands to herself, in my opinion. It’s not ok to punch a woman, no matter how mad you get, unless you are defending your own life of course.

If she has a gun and is about to use it and all you have are haymakers, you better use them if you can’t get out of the room. I’m not defending Mixon for hitting this lady, not at all, I’m defending him against the people that didn’t think he should’ve gotten drafted. My question is: why not? Does he not deserve to make a living also? The consensus was that he was a top 10 talent that would’ve been a first round pick if this never happened, but a lot of people (mainly media types) felt that he shouldn’t have been drafted or that he shouldn’t have been drafted in the first round, even though he would’ve ended up being picked up as an undrafted free agent by a team and ended up doing what he will be doing as a second round pick anyway. He was always going to be playing football anyway, because he is too talented to not be picked up by someone, and someone that needed help in their running game was going to get him.

Most of the people in the media that I saw say he shouldn’t get drafted or drafted high acknowledged that fact. He was suspended for an entire season by Oklahoma head Coach Bob Stoops, so how much more punishment is really needed? The guy had to sit out an entire season. This was an incident that happened about 3 years ago. This was a college incident, and he served his suspension. I don’t think him getting punished as a professional helps anyone. It seems like the only people that don’t seem to want to drop this situation are people that work for the media. When he got picked, all Trey Wingo talked about was the incident and they showed the video. I’m thinking to myself at the time “For goodness sake, let it go”. Is ESPN going to bring that up every single time this guy’s name comes up? The woman that was hit isn’t saying anything. There was not an outcry from Cincy fans. The only people that seem to have a problem are people who work for media outlets. They are the ones that won’t stop bringing it up.

LET IT GO!! Let the man move on with his life. When he begins interviews as a Bengal, stupid media reporters will ask him questions about the incident that he has answered a thousand times already. It would be nice for people to ask Marvin Lewis how he plans to use Mixon’s talent, because the fact being talented is the only reason anyone knows him and it should be about football now. He isn’t the first man to hit a lady, and unfortunately he won’t be the last. It was nice for me to see on internet message boards that women were replying to articles concerning him and saying that they wished him luck. Just like any other civilian, the man has to work and has a right to do so. Bringing up his past every single time his name is brought up won’t help anything. I wonder if the victim herself is even tired of the situation being brought up or not. I would like to see someone write an article condemning her for her part in the incident. That brings up the question, is it ok for women to hit men? It is a legitimate question. I don’t think it is, but a man hitting a woman is considered more serious because men are generally stronger and it is considered “weak” to hit a woman.

I can get agree with that. Men should never hit women. Women shouldn’t hit men either though, because right or wrong, if you hit the wrong guy you may get what this lady got. It’s almost like men who like to sleep around with multiple women being considered players or almost looked up to by their friends, but those same friends of his would call a woman that chooses to sleep around with multiple men a whore, even though it is the same thing. Guys can be looked up to for having multiple partners, but women get a bad reputation and get called names. May seem unfair, but like men getting prosecuted for a hitting a woman that was hitting them first, it is what it is I guess. It was reported that Mixon settled with the lady for an undisclosed amount. End of situation, right? Well, it should be. If only the media could process that. Good luck to the lady, and Good luck to Joe Mixon.

It’s ok to feel sorry for Aaron Hernandez’s Daughter

We all know about Aaron Hernandez and how his life came to an end just days ago. Depending on who you ask, it would be labeled as tragic, or you would get an “I don’t care”. I’ve seen someone call him a scumbag on Facebook. I’ve seen someone say “He murdered a guy anyway”. These things were said after his death. I can’t speak for everyone else, but as for me personally I won’t say anything disrespectful about a dead man or call him names, no matter how he died. Yes, he was convicted of murder so he wasn’t exactly a role model. Yes, he took his own life by hanging himself in his cell while being imprisoned for life for murdering an innocent man, who happened to be his girlfriend’s sister’s boyfriend, so it’s hard to feel sorry for him, but seemingly lost in the whole situation is the fact that he left behind a daughter.

I can only imagine how things have been for her and her mother.  I would imagine it has been hard to explain why daddy can’t come home. I don’t know how visitation works where he was, but she wasn’t getting to see her father every day, so answering the “Why can’t I see daddy?” question must have been just as difficult. She is too young to know the definition of Murder. You can’t tell a four year old child that their father killed someone. In her mind maybe “Daddy did something bad”. That is what is heartbreaking in all of this. She is as innocent as innocent can be. In the wake of his death, more disturbing information has come out about his death and why he may have committed the murder. True or not, Imagine if she were older and couldn’t be shielded from the news. At her age, she isn’t checking the news on T.V. every day or logging in to check the headlines.

I get notifications on my cell phone all the time from bleacher report and CBS sports, so when I received the breaking news about Hernandez on my way to work, I was shocked. I immediately logged on to ESPN as if I needed more validation. It was showing his suicide as Breaking News. My first thought was about his daughter. Afterward I thought back to when I first heard about the whole situation with the murder. I really didn’t know which was more shocking to me, but I began to think about how difficult it must have been for him to go from living the life of a millionaire to being locked down in prison. Famous football player….young baby…great relationship…Big house…Millions with more to come. Imagine having to give that up for a prison suit, an inmate number and a small cell. From New England Patriots Tight End, to property of the State of Massachusetts. I would imagine that the change was difficult, even though he was convicted of murder and brought it on himself.

Imagine though, being stuck in there and not being able to see your baby girl grow up. Imagine thinking about when she is old enough to know that you are behind bars for killing someone. I don’t know exactly what was going through his head, and I can’t tell anyone how to feel about him, but think about his daughter at least. She never did anything wrong. She didn’t hurt anyone. A good thing about her being so young is that her future classmates are the same age, so she won’t be at school being labeled as “Aaron Hernandez’s daughter”. She will be able to live a peaceful life hopefully, and I’m assuming that her mother will take over their estate and his earnings, which would mean she will be taken care of financially. Nobody should underestimate having a parent around though. I wonder how things will be when she is old enough to be in the know about things. Seeing as how Hernandez was from Bristol, Connecticut, she is within close proximity of his family. It will be hard for them not to bring up the fact that they are related to her because of her late father.

It seems like more details are coming out as the days go by. I don’t think it helps that the media puts more details out, but that is what the media does. I can’t speak for the family of Odin Llyod, who was Hernandez’s murder victim. I would think that maybe more details would give them some closure if it helps them learn why their loved one was taken from them. If it were my family, I would want to know. I would hope though, that while people take the time to comment and throw shots at Hernandez, that they not only remember the family and loved ones of Lloyd, but remember the daughter of Hernandez. Think about what she has been through and how this will impact the rest of her life. Hardly anyone is going to feel sorry for Hernandez, but it’s ok to feel sorry for his daughter.


Woman claims she was “Too beautiful to be faithful” to her husband. What?

If you haven’t heard about or read this article, then take a look here. I am not making this up. I also am not trying to put this lady on blast. I just couldn’t pass up giving my opinion on how ridiculous I think she sounds. Too beautiful to be faithful? The fact that beautiful women have guys hitting on them all the time isn’t a surprise. It’s going to happen. Attractive ladies probably get hit on more than attractive males, because a lot of males just don’t care what they say when they approach women. Whether it’s whistling, pickup lines, or other types of cat calling, women put up with those things far more than men I would think. Does that mean that an attractive woman that is in a serious relationship or married has a hard time being faithful? No. The thought of that is just stupid to me. It all comes down to remembering your vows, and not using something that ridiculous as a reason to be promiscuous.

This lady actually says in this article that she was “Too pretty for her own good”. I can’t speak on how it feels to be a pretty female (obviously), but I would say she is being a little too delusional for her own good. If you read the article, she says that her husband became jealous and insecure because she blossomed and became so much better looking than him. That could be so. I don’t know. I also must state that she never actually says that she cheated on him. She just sounds like a straight up narcissist. Different people have different experiences and react to things in different ways, but she is not the only lady in the history of mankind to get attention from other men while being married. How does she know that her husband at the time wasn’t getting the same attention from other women?

                A lot of men out there are rude enough to try to get with a married women, but that doesn’t mean they should or have to give them the same attention. The fact that she is saying that she couldn’t help it because it happened a lot is just a stupid reason to say that she wanted to and that she no longer wanted to be married as a result. It’s all about your own heart and mind. That’s why people decide to do things. Seems to me like she liked the attention she started to get and wanted to be single. There really isn’t anything wrong with that. Unfortunately, somewhere around half of marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, and it’s better to just say you don’t want to be with someone than to commit adultery, but to suggest that you are too beautiful to be faithful is just laughable. People might respect you more if you just own up and say that you feel you made a mistake getting married.

                I wasn’t around her and her husband, and maybe he became crazy jealous. She doesn’t really suggest that in the article though. They had their little petty arguments according to her, but she seems to put most of their downfall after only 18 months on her beauty. Am I the only person that has ever seen or known a woman with a man that she is a lot more attractive than? The ones I know or knew were/are happy and faithful, because they really love their husbands and want to be faithful. They aren’t saying they can’t be because other men are hitting on them. If you really love someone, then the advances of people other than your spouse won’t sway you and make you want to play the field.

                Paying attention to others that are paying attention to you may eventually sway your heart and when it does then problems begin to happen. It doesn’t happen like that with everybody, but it seems to have happened in her case, and now that she has gotten older and the attention doesn’t come like it did in the past, she seems to regret it. Saying “I was younger and should’ve made better choices” sounds better. Saying “I was too beautiful for my own good” makes people think, “Who do you think you are lady?” Most men will hit on women that really aren’t even attractive, because so many men are driven by sex. I’ve seen and heard of men trying to get with women that were not as attractive as their significant other.

                She let her so called “beauty” go to her head apparently, and she says she was seduced by a guy that left her for another lady that was beautiful. No beautiful lady is the only one. Like I previously stated, you don’t have to be a georgous lady to get sexual advances from men. The more attractive ladies just get more attention. The ones that are smart hold on to a man that loves them, because that can be hard to find these days. I’m not bashing men, because I’m a man myself, but dates happen. Relationships and breakups happen. Love doesn’t happen that often. If that’s what you have always wanted, why would you give up that dream for something so stupid? The story ends happily for this lady, because she ends up meeting and marrying an older guy when she hits her forties. Good for her. The whole “Too pretty for my own good” thing though? I’ll just disagree, and leave it at that.

Social Media doesn’t ruin relationships.

Has anyone other than me every heard a person say “Social media ruins relationships” or “Social media ruined my relationship”? If so, did you think of what you heard as being absurd like me? First of all let me say that I am in no way being disrespectful to anyone who has had their relationship or marriage negatively impacted as a result of their significant other meeting someone (or some people) online and doing dirt that way, because it does happen. I’m only saying that the intended purpose of sites like Facebook and Instagram wasn’t for people to do things like that, and cheating or committing adultery is a matter of the heart. Social media just offers another avenue for people who want to do that, unfortunately.

If a person has it in their heart and mind that they want to go there, then it doesn’t take the internet to do so. You could very well meet someone at Wal-mart. You could be pumping gas and the person that pulls up next to you to do the same catches your eye. Or, you could work around multiple people of the opposite sex at your job. I don’t think people started cheating after the internet was invented. I’m pretty sure those types of things were happening long before technology began to connect people who were in different states and countries by simply clicking a mouse. The thing is, the internet offers access to more options fairly easy, and like I just said, offers you easy access to people from just about anywhere. A lady could be living in Tennessee and meet a man from California and tell her husband that she will be out of town on business in California in a few days.

What are the chances she would have met that particular guy by just taking a trip to California without ever seeing him, talking to him or knowing about him at all? It wouldn’t have happened. But, she could use that same excuse, take a trip to California, go out, and meet a man in public while she is there anyway, without ever having used the internet. As crazy as it is, there are sites online that are dedicated to people who want to cheat or hookup. There are also dating sites, and if a person wants to do so, they can lie and say they are single for the sole purpose of playing around on such a site. It starts and ends with a person’s heart. If they want to play the field, they will do so like people did before the world wide web was created. It’s easy to point at a social media site as the blame for a person that has been through such a situation, because society seems to love to point blame at the wrong people or things.

What do I mean by that? People would go on shows like Jerry Springer in the past, and they would try to fight the person that their boyfriend or girlfriend was said to have been cheating with. I don’t know how real all of those situations were, but if they were true, then the side chick (or fellow) would be wrong for knowingly being involved with someone who is supposed to be committed to someone else, but the person who actually cheated sometimes got to stay with that person. They cheated, not the other person (if the other person is actually single). In a lot of those situations, the person stays with the person that cheated on them but goes on hating the person they cheated with. I’ve seen a situation where a friend of mine made her boyfriend delete his Facebook because she found elicit messages in his inbox.

I won’t tell more of her story even though nobody reading this knows her, but that didn’t help. It’s like trying to put up measures of deterrence to stop a thief. If they still want to get whatever it is, they will find another way, choose another brand, or choose a different item if they still want to steal. Matters of the heart are pretty deep, and it takes a person wanting to change to fix something if it is really an issue. You can’t blame it on Social Media. You can’t anything except for the person. At the end of the day, you can’t lock them up in the closet and deny them access to the outside world. They will see other people with or without the internet. It has always been that way.

Who I am and why I am here

My name is Jeremiah. I’m just a guy that loves to write. I have always wanted to write a book and start a blog, and I just needed the confidence to just do what I want to do. I grew up in Alabama, but I live in Panama City Beach, Florida. I simply love living close to the beach. I went to college and studied Telecommunications, because I wanted to get into Broadcast News, but after doing an internship at a news station one summer, I began to wonder if that is really what I wanted to do. My first major was Journalism, but I changed it because the starting salaries were not as high, but all along it is what I really wanted to do. I started to focus on the wrong things at one point.

I didn’t finish college, and I put off my writing dreams for a while, but I began writing a book in 2015. I battled procrastination (my worst enemy) but I was able to finish it after almost a year. I named it Changing Faces (, and it’s a story about a young kid that loses his father and develops a bad attitude. He is able to change and become a different person before he graduates high school. It’s not the best read in the world, but it’s my work and i’m blessed and proud to accomplish finishing a book. I finally got to the point where I felt like I could pursue what I want without having to worry about what people may think, and I was able to get past my own doubts.

I finally came up with an idea for a blog that I knew that I could be dedicated to. I found  Ipage and WordPress for hosting, and I did a little research and found that word press is the best way to go. My blog is named “My2centsnews” because it gives my opinion on different things. Whether it is social issues, sports, politics, movies, etc.; I just like to give opinions on things. I feel it is a niche that is good for me. I am a sports fanatic, and I thought about having my blog be only about Alabama Football, but I feel I can eventually reach more people like this, and I don’t want to be a one trick pony. I like to talk about a lot of things other than sports. My tagline says “Unapologetic but respectful opinions” because we all have one, and I won’t act like I know everything, but i’m not afraid to state how I feel about things.

I also enjoy hearing what other people think, because I love conversation and I try to show people respect. I actually started my blog a little over a month ago, and I have 7 posts, but I discovered the dailypost and I decided to take the blogging fundamentals class even though I have already gotten started. I want to get better and be the best writer and blogger that I can be, and i’m not too proud to get some help to work on getting better at this. It’s like being a point guard in basketball or a quarterback in basketball. They don’t get to a point, even when they make the pros, that they feel like they don’t need to practice or work on their individual game anymore.

I’m excited to be apart of this community of bloggers. I still have work to do on my page, but steps like these will help me get where I want to get, and you have to be a beginner before you can be anything else. I hope to meet new people, and I hope for success, and I wish the same for anyone that reads this. Write on!





“I wish they would stop” Vol.1- The Entertainment Industry/Hollywood/Networks/ESPN

This is the first of a series I have come up with called “I wish they would stop” which will give my opinion on things that I personally would like to see end coming from various industries or people. This first one focuses on things seen on television. I wish they would stop….

1.       Making Fast and Furious movies. As much as I am a fan of this series, and I really really am; they are getting pretty tired. How much longer does this need to go on? Also, it doesn’t seem the same without Paul Walker (R.I.P). It gets to where some of the things they do in the cars are pretty cool, but unrealistic. Things have to change, it can’t be the same every movie, I know that, but how much longer can they keep this going and have these characters not getting on with their lives? They have to keep on coming back to do impossible missions for pardons and stopping kingpins and stuff like that. Letty was dead…presumably…but it was discovered that she lost her memory, and there have been multiple movies since, and it goes on and on. If it’s still making money, then how can I hate on that? Also, the cast is absolutely excellent. You see all of these big names on the screen, and it’s cool. But, Fast and Furious, Fast 5, 6, Fast 24 (well, not yet, but maybe). Come on, end this thing, seriously. I like the series, like I said already, but it may be time to park it. I don’t know anything about the last one and if it’s supposed to be the finale. They could say that, and shock the world in a year or two and come out with another one, or wait years and show them as O.G.’s and have their kids peeling off in cars and racing right after they get their drivers licenses. Not so FAST Hollywood, don’t use that idea lol.


2.       Making reality shows…. Do you want to be a reality T.V. star? Well, be a vigilante, or go to prison, be a has-been rapper or singer, or child that doesn’t want to listen to a parent. It seems like anything these days will get you a show. I am not a fan, and have never been a fan of reality shows. If I’m watching something real, it’s a documentary or a game. America loves drama though, and networks know this and feed off of it. Reality T.V. is one of the stains of American Culture in my opinion. Since I am not totally disconnected, I do know about them from commercials and from seeing posts and things of that nature. I just have never understood why people would want to watch something like The Bachelor. I’m not hating on the guy or guys who have played that role, because I’m sure it’s pretty sweet for them with attractive women around wanting to wed or bed them, or both, but why do people care to watch a bunch of chicks on T.V. sharing a man? I don’t know. I don’t even know if those relationships even last, and I would not be surprised if they don’t because it’s not natural. You can’t take entertainment and try to fabricate it and make it love. It reminds me of Flavor of Love from the past, which was a joke. As far as I know, no love ever came from it. Last I heard, the bad little girl from Dr. Phil is getting a reality show. An underage girl that goes on T.V. and calls people hoes needs discipline, not a T.V. show, in my opinion. The fact that people would even watch that shows you the state of this country. If anything she needs to be on beyond scared straight, or someone needs to just whoop her (beeeep) like a grownup should do. I can’t tell anyone how to raise their child, but what type of message does that send to other youth out there? If it’s true that she is getting a show, then it’s basically glorifying her behavior. If it’s not that, it’s real housewives of this place, or side chicks from the east side, or whatever. People fighting over exes and baby daddies, and just acting out for the camera. It’s entertainment though I guess. They need ratings, which shows that people are watching, and in turn will bring advertising revenue so how can I really blame them. You could say, “Well, don’t watch then”, and I’ll say “I don’t, trust me, I just have my opinion.”


3.       This one is for ESPN mainly…stick to SPORTS!, and leave the drama for All My Children and Guiding Light, or even…reality shows! I don’t even know if those aforementioned soaps are still on T.V., I just needed a couple of them to make my point. I’d rather not log in to or look at Sportscenter and see so much drama, or see what Lavar Ball said THIS TIME, or hear about beef between athletes. I wasn’t born yesterday, and I know that sports are just another form or entertainment. I get that. Whatever the sport, it’s just a game.  It’s their job to get people to log in or flip it to their channels, but as for me personally when I tune in for sports I don’t want to see or hear about all of the other crap. Sportscenter has always been the show I watched the most, and it is ESPNs flagship program. I’m a big fan, even though I’m not as much of a fan as I was in the past, because it seems to be transitioning to being the World Wide Leader in Drama. It’s not just ESPN. I’m not picking on them (well, I am), but you can’t see a lot of unnecessary stories on a lot of sports channels, because they have to compete and get the story out if they know someone else is, but why does it seems so much worse for ESPN? Maybe because they are the most watched. Maybe it’s because they will go on and on with something and shove it down their viewers throats with every little update or focus in on every time two guys don’t speak or something related and just as stupid. I don’t know. I had one of my bosses put me on to Bleacher Report last year, and I absolutely love it. He told me he hardly ever peeps ESPN, and I didn’t think that was even possible for me, until I thought about it and noticed that I check bleacher report more than my ESPN app. They seem to be more about sports than drama, and they have cool little short films and things that appeal to me personally. I understand that there are slow sports days, and seasons end and you have to fill an hour or 30 minute long show with stories, but I would rather see scores and highlights, and know about trades. I don’t care what this athlete said about this one on twitter, or care that this one is mad at that one because he was a free agent and left. They take away from games letting stories like that (and with my last statement you probably know what I’m talking about) linger on and on and on and on, instead of just dropping it and letting guys play ball. The media is becoming the ultimate instigators, but if people are watching and commenting, then they will continue to do what they do. I didn’t say anyone else had to have a problem with that; I’m just saying that to me it stinks.


Next up in: I wish they would stop Vol. 2- I actually don’t know what’s next, but that’s another blog for another day, and if you checked out this one I hope you will do the same with Vol.2. Peace out

March Madness is upon us…Here are my Final Four and National Title Picks

March Madness is the greatest event in sports in my opinion. Who doesn’t love this time of year? Brackets being filled out, only later to be busted because of the inevitable upset that nobody saw coming. It’s win or go home, so everyone is giving it everything they have. That small school has a chance to make a name for itself on a national stage against the big time Blue Blood program. Buzzer beaters. People storming the court. A lot of people that fill out brackets hardly even keep up with college basketball, but they want to be involved. Multiple games are on just about every day after the tournament starts, and who can complain about that. It’s just fun. It differs from college football in the fact that it is more about people earning their way than computers and polls that people have never heard of, and everyone has a chance.

If you don’t have the strength of schedule or the wins, just go out and win your conference tournament and you will earn your way in guaranteed. There are so many iconic moments that I won’t even begin to go over them. I will reveal my final four pics and my championship game winner pick since you stopped by. Even though there will always be favorites, there is hardly ever a clear cut winner, and when there is, that team doesn’t win a lot of times. One bad shooting night can doom you. You never know what is going to happen, and that is part of what makes it so great. The suspense is killing you isn’t it? Okay, okay, here we go:

EAST REGION: #2 Seed Duke Blue Devils

I don’t make this pick just because I am a longtime Duke fan (Let’s Go Duke!), but because the talent is too real, and the team is gelling at exactly the right time. They are the first team to win the Atlantic Coast Conference Tournament by winning 4 games in 4 days. They started the season with big hype because of the players they had returning to go along with a sick recruiting class coming in. Harry Giles was the number one ranked recruit, but he was injured so he couldn’t play to begin the season. Jayson Tatum missed games. Luke Kennard emerged big time and has been the team’s best player all year. Amile Jefferson is back anchoring the middle in a big time way like always. Grayson Allen has had an up and down season, and during the regular season he did have his moments (Like dropping 25 on UNC at Cameron), but during the ACC tournament the real Grayson Allen showed up and decided to stay, and that’s a big reason why they won the conference tournament. They can’t win a title without him. Matt Jones has struggled shooting lately, but he hit a big shot against Notre Dame and is always reliable defensively. Kennard is still being Kennard, which means he shows why he is ALL-ACC every night. Tatum is playing a great all- around game every night and is virtually unguardable. Giles is getting better and is able to stay on the floor for extended minutes now. As much as the media likes to say Duke doesn’t have a point guard, I think Frank Jackson is a pretty good one and has been all season. If they can win 4 games in 4 days, what is to stop them from winning six more and taking home a National Title?

West Region: #2 Seed Arizona Wildcats

The Pac-12 will be represented by Zona. They are a number 2 seed for a reason. They are for real, and they are Pac-12 champions. In a conference with other studs in Oregon and UCLA, Arizona took the tournament championship. Does that mean that they will advance farther in the NCAA tournament? No. I think they will though, because of the matchups, and because they are good enough to go all the way. Allonzo Trier leads the way. The sophomore and future pro missed games earlier in the season because of an NCAA violation, but he already had a season under his belt so he didn’t need much time to catch up. It has showed in his play, because he came back balling out. Lauri Markkanen is a projected lottery pick, and is a matchup nightmare. The 7ft freshman uses his shooting ability to stretch the floor, and he averages 7.1 rebounds per game to go along with 15.6 points, so he doesn’t forget that he is a big man, and it hurts opponents. Freshman Rawle Alkins is a 6 ft 5, 220 pound freight train, and he can score. They have veteran Parker Jackson-Cartwright at pg and freshman Kobi Simmons for depth. Sophomore 6-11 center Chance Comanche has been solid inside along with 7 ft junior Dusan Ristic. The cupboard isn’t bare in Tucson. It’s a good mix of youth and experience. Expect Sean Miller to ride that mix to the Final Four.


Midwest Region: #1 Seed Kansas Jayhawks

Having talent in Lawrence is nothing new to Bill Self, and neither is winning. It is almost a given that they will win the Big 12 conference regular season yearly. Frank Mason is a POY candidate, and has been a down right star all year.  Backcourt running mate Devonte’ Graham is a tough, solid veteran guard that averages 13.1 points and 4.3 assists per game. It’s pretty tough to stop a battle tested, veteran backcourt that can put up points the way they can. Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk is a steady, solid 6’8 junior guard. Josh Jackson, projected to be a top 5 pick in the upcoming draft, missed their conference tournament game against TCU, and that is a big reason why they lost. He isn’t overhyped. He scores, rebounds, play defense, and plays hard. He is also a great athlete. They will need him to make a run. Kansas fans, enjoy him while he is wearing the blue, because he most likely won’t be wearing it anymore after the Final Four. Landen Lucas is solid senior role player along with sophomore Lagerald Vick. They have a pretty good amount of size and athleticism. They will be a tough out. Can their guard play make Bill Self a two time national champion in Lawrence?

South Region: #1 Seed North Carolina Tar Heels

I went back and forth on this one between UNC and UCLA in a regional finals matchup. It pains me to say it, but UNC won out for me because of depth and experience. I must keep it real. Even though they did lose to my Duke Blue Devils twice and still got a number one seed, they are a good team. They are two time regular season ACC championship and National Runner up good. It took a shot at the buzzer from Villanova to beat them last year. Most of their top players are back this year. They go 9, and sometimes 10 deep, and it starts with ACC player of the year Justin Jackson. Starting with an experienced, pro caliber wing isn’t a bad way to start. I won’t compliment a UNC guy too much, but he is smooth and he can shoot it, and with some range. Fellow Junior Joel Berry II runs the point, and he is another guy that can fill it up. He torched Duke in Chapel Hill, so he has the ability to go off. Kennedy Meeks is a senior that nearly averages a double double, and controls the paint down low with fellow senior Isaiah Hicks, who averages double figures in points. Theo Pinson is a Junior starting role player. He is probably their best perimeter defender and a good athlete. They are one of the few elite teams that don’t start a freshman, and they are the only one in my final four that doesn’t. They don’t have a lot of point production coming off of the bench outside of 7.3ppg from Tony Bradley, who also pulls down 5.2 rpg, but they have four or five guys that usually play. It’s hard (even for me) to ignore the fact that they have experienced guys that can ball, and they have depth. I would guess they are motivated to get back to the Final Four after losing the National Championship game in the worst possible way.

National Semifinal: Duke vs Arizona

Duke marches on. Why? Because they will continue to stay hot and Arizona will have trouble with their four guard lineup. Jefferson is capable of stepping out to the perimeter and guarding Markkanen. I would imagine that Matt Jones will be guarding Allonzo Trier, because he usually guards the other team’s top scorer if it’s a perimeter player. Arizona has size, but Giles will come off the bench and play more minutes like he was able to do in the ACC tournament, allowing duke to defend their bigs and compete on the boards. It won’t be the first time they are playing a bigger team, and they will combat the other team’s size with the fact that they will knock down threes, and they have four perimeter guys that will get double figures. I don’t know who they will use to guard Jason Tatum, and that has been the question for just about every team with him being a matchup nightmare that can destroy you inside or outside. Kennard will get his, and he will draw attention and give Grayson Allen one on one matchups, and he will produce. Jefferson will provide solid inside play and at least flirt with a double double if he doesn’t get one. They will communicate as a team on defense. Arizona has players, so they will threaten, but I expect to see Allen, Jones and Jefferson playing in another national title game. There you have it. Let’s Go Duke.


National Semifinal: Kansas vs North Carolina

What a heck of a Final Four game. The guard matchups are pretty crazy. A lot of experience on the floor from both sides. Mason and Graham are better in my opinion, and they will run the show and show that they are. They will hit shots, and they will guard at a high level. Justin Jackson will attack the matchup if he and Josh Jackson guard one another, with the freshman being a higher ranked NBA prospect than him and having a chance to show him up on the biggest stage of college basketball, and his team needs him to score. They may free him up and use Pinson on Jackson, but Jackson will be his usual self and get his. I think North Carolina has more size, but the guard play will win out with Frank Mason being big time and carrying Kansas to the title game. No matter what decisions people decide to make on their pro futures after the season, this will be his last go around, and that won’t be lost on him while he is out there giving it his all, and just being himself, which is pretty good. UNC has a powerful starting lineup, but I think Kansas has enough to be better on this day, and they can defend at a high level. Advantage Kansas…let’s go.


National Championship: Duke vs Kansas

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the main event. Let’s get ready to rumble. I assure you that I am not being biased. Duke, in my mind, is the best team in the country. They don’t go deep, but they don’t need to. Kennard seems to be blessed with unlimited energy to play about 39 minutes a game, and when he is out there he is putting up 20 per. On any given night you can get 20 from Tatum or Allen, and Frank Jackson will score and do a solid job of running the offense whether he starts or not.  Kansas has showed that they can beat Duke by actually doing so on November 15th at Madison square Garden after Frank Mason hit a game winner, but that was after only a few games, and that was a different duke team. That Duke team didn’t have Jason Tatum or Harry Giles as they were both dealing with injuries at the time. This Duke team is becoming the team that everyone predicted they would be. Giles is 100 percent healthy, and his production is going up. I’ve already spoken on Tatum. He is the best isolation guy in the nation, and his all-around game has really evolved as he isn’t forcing the issue as much and has learned to use the attention he gets to find the open man. He is also a solid rebounder. Kennard will score from everywhere and is a great rebounder for a guard. They will sag off of Grayson Allen, who will run the point at times and make great passes, and he will make them pay by knocking down threes and attacking closeouts. Unless they have an off night, Kansas will get theirs. Mason will do his thing. Graham will hit some shots. Jackson will do a little bit of everything. Lucas will be tough inside. Duke will do more, and they  should cut down the nets. Coach K does it again!! Come on Duke, make me right.

Is Lavar Ball putting unrealistic expectations on his sons?

If you are a big time college basketball fan, then you have heard of Lonzo Ball. You have most likely heard of him even if you aren’t a fan of the UCLA freshman point guard, because simply put, he is a baller. He is a lock to be a first round pick in the NBA draft this year. I keep up with big time recruits and watch the All-star games when I can, and the mix-tapes online. I knew about Ball before he got to UCLA, and if you really keep up then you know that his two younger brothers are both also future UCLA Bruins. Their story isn’t new to the casual basketball fan, because it seems to circulate quite a bit through the media these days. These days, it is more about comments made by their father, Lavar Ball, than the boy’s actual play on the court. They Ball name is becoming a household name because the eldest Ball is the most outspoken.

There is nothing wrong with a father being involved in his son’s activities. Lavar Ball is anything but an absent father, which is awesome. He will literally tell you how good his son is, and he literally has. In the process, he is in the news more than them it seems. Is that good or not? It depends on who you ask. For me, I don’t think that is necessarily a good thing. He is obviously a great father, and you can’t take that away from him. He isn’t lacking in belief for his boys, which is great. At the same time, in my opinion, he is putting big time expectations on them that they aren’t guaranteed to live up to. It seems like these days the media seeks him out, because they know they will get a headline. I’m not a hater by any means, and if they are going to give him the time, he might as well get his shine on.

I just don’t understand that while he does that, he says his son is better than Steph Curry, who of course is a 2 time NBA MVP. I don’t understand why he says all of his sons will be one and done, because he doesn’t know that. His middle son, Liangelo, is the next in line to wear the UCLA uniform next season. Obviously, the kid can ball (no pun intended) but he is not as good as Lonzo. Is that a bad thing? No. It’s not at all. How many guys will ever really get close to playing at a big time program? The majority of us won’t. The chances are even more slim when you talk about guys making it to the league. I’m not rooting against them, because there is no reason to. I’m just saying that while Lonzo is a special point man and the obvious gem of a recruiting class that included another stud in T.J. Leaf. Liangelo Ball is a 3-star recruit, and he won’t be the best recruit stepping foot on to UCLA campus next year.

There will be two Mcdonalds All-Americans going with him (SF Kris Wilkes and PG Jaylen Hands) that are better than him at this point. Does that mean that he won’t shine and be a one and done player? No, it doesn’t. It just means that he certainly won’t be the best player on the roster. It’s not out of the question to think that they could have multiple lottery picks, but none of those guys is a Lonzo Ball type of player. It’s also not out of the question to think that all three brothers will make the NBA. It has happened. The Zeller Brothers- Cody, Luke, and Tyler….. and the Plumlee brothers- Miles, Mason, and Marshall, who I saw a ton of with me being a longtime duke fan, pulled of the feat of having other siblings in the league. It can happen with the Ball Brothers. Will all three of them be All-stars? Probably not. When does that happen?

I could be wrong, but I don’t think I am. You most likely can’t convince their father that I’m right, but that’s ok. I just wonder if he is putting expectations on them that might be too big, and in today’s brutal world, people don’t mind throwing the word “BUST” around if a player was “supposed” to be real good and doesn’t live up to it. I honestly don’t like that word. Even if you are projected to be a superstar and you only last three years in the league, then you will do more than the average joe ever will in basketball. Most people will never be good enough to step on an NBA court, so making it is an accomplishment. The money isn’t bad either I’ve heard. How many people will ever make over a million bucks playing the game of basketball? It goes without saying that it is rare, so it’s an amazing accomplishment even if you don’t end up being a hall of famer. You never really know how a guy will do in the NBA, but I think Lonzo ball will be a good NBA player. Is her better than Steph Curry? No. Curry has been there done that with college and has been dominant at times in the NBA. Ball hasn’t even played a summer league game yet. Can Ball be an MVP level player one day? I do think he has the potential. Why not just let the kid go out there and play though? I can’t speak for Lonzo Ball. I don’t personally know him or his family, and they certainly don’t know a no name like me, and the Ball son’s may not care what their dad says publicly, but why put such big time expectations on them, instead of just letting them get better and play?

                Recently, Lavar Ball stated that in his heyday, he would kill Michael Jordan one-on-one. Yes, those were his words. Michael Jordan’s Basketball career is well documented. I don’t even have to say all of the numbers and accolades. Lavar Ball, on the other hand, averaged 2 points per game at Washington State, and at 6-7 is only an inch taller than Jordan, so I don’t understand what makes him think he would’ve backed him down and overpowered him. As ridiculous as that sounds, I don’t know if it is worse than him saying he is looking for a packaged shoe deal involving his three sons that would be worth $1 Billion. Yes, he said that. Lonzo has potential, but nobody is going to give them that insane amount of money. They youngest Ball boy is only a sophomore in high school, so he would have to be out of college to cash in on that deal or he wouldn’t be eligible, and he won’t be a college freshman until the 2019-2020 season. Lonzo has potential, but nobody is going to give them that much money. His father certainly doesn’t lack in confidence for them, or himself.

                They would have to play pretty well to get that type of deal, and no one knows how good or bad they will be as pros yet if they all make the pros. Even then, people aren’t handing out Billion dollar deals. Lebron got 90 million before he played his first NBA game. That has proven to be money well spent. Players like Lebron don’t come around often, and neither one of his boys have that type of potential. Even if they were to get 90 million dollar deals, which they won’t, then that would only be 270 million dollars between the three of them. Certainly not bad at all, but a little bit short of a Billion. I think it’s cool that he has so much belief in his sons, but I think it’s a little ridiculous that he says such unrealistic things. In my opinion, he should just let them play and see how things turn out. It should be about them and their play and not his outlandish statements.

                There is nothing wrong with wanting to build a brand, and once you hit the pros it is a business, but if they all make it and sign 5 million dollar contracts, that should be considered a huge success, because how many people will actually accomplish that? You don’t need a Billion dollars, and if you ask for that amount at least let your sons make the big leagues and show something first. I can’t speak for the Ball boys, but I would think that their main focus is just playing ball and getting better, and that is the way it should be. I can’t tell the guy how to raise his kids, but you know what they say, opinions are like (you know what), everyone has one. That, my people, is mine.


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